Zac Narker

New South Wales, Australia

I’m beginner beekeeper and I have heard about the big problem of slimed hives in my area so I decided to try hiverly out.

Surprise, lots of small hive beetles trapped in the base and its definitely doing its job!

I recommend for newbies or people who struggle with small hive beetles!

Thanks for such good ongoing customer support too.

For the past few months we have been working with Jake and the team at Hiverly, testing their Small Hive Beetle control product.

This base has been a real game changer for the hive that we have been testing it on, as it has had zero hive beetle in it, improved brood and honey production and is hands down the best hive in our load of bees.

We have been that impressed we have ordered more bases to start adding them onto our other hives, check them out, you won’t regret it.

Mathew O’Donnell
Victorian Honey Supplies

Victoria, Australia
Willow Hankinson
Mullumbimbees Natural Beekeeping

New South Wales, Australia

Hive beetle are a real problem here in the Northern Rivers of NSW. Many of our beekeeping group members have lost hives due to them and a chemical free approach is the only option for a sustainable future, given to sensitivity of honeybees to pesticides in their environment.

I almost exclusively run Kenyan top bar hives and many hive beetle traps and treatments don’t fit in them as there’s no space between the frames. The Hiverly base can be custom made to fit any hive and the trial for me has been a huge success.

I chose the worst of my colonies to trial the base on. I sighted about fifty beetle in the hive before fitting the base.

The next day there were eight.

The next day none.

I make and sell Kenyan hives and I will definitely incorporate and recommend the use of the Hiverly base into all my hives.

I trialled a Hiverly base and had to pick which hive out of 7 to put it on, all except one hive was going great!

One hive had a huge moisture problem over winter and had a really slow start to spring, it was only one deep. The hive had heaps of beetles and wax moth, and was really struggling to recover, so put the Hiverly Base on this hive to really see what it could do!

Well, what a pleasant surprise, this hive took off and was booming within a short time. No more visible beetles in the hive, beetles dead in the trap…. it caught me by surprise how well they recovered and needed an extra brood box in a week, and then a honey super 4 weeks after adding the Hiverly Base!

I’m so impressed with the results and definitely recommend giving it a go!

Bec Field

Victoria, Australia