Hiverly Baseboard

Our system is revolutionary and decisively simple.

The Hiverly Baseboard is designed to act like a standard hive entry or baseboard, however, when you dive into the detail you will quickly see the system is so much more than just a traditional piece of beekeeping equipment.

After installation our customers regularly report healthier hives, exploding hive populations and increased honey yields which they all attribute to the system.

Hiverly – eliminates invasive pests: the small hive beetle

The Diversionary Design of our Baseboard uses a combination of external and internal design features to ensure any existing small hive beetle are filtered out of the hive and any new beetle are prevented from entering. Our system employs five key lines of defence, for clarity we have shown the feature in red:

  1. We use a false lander around the perimeter of the base to disorientate the beetle once it lands at the hive. The beetle, although they can fly, they cannot hover and will land on the most obvious ledge before trying to enter the hive. The false lander allows beetles to sit on the platform but not enter and the ledge configuration prevents them crawling up to the hive entrance.
  2. For beetle that manage to enter the hive – the entrance floor acts like a traditional screened bottom board; however, we use a special series of patterned perforations that perform significantly better in filtering beetle out of the hive and into the lower collection tray where they become trapped.
  3. The collection tray is unique and allows for baiting – as only beetle can enter the collection tray, baiting solutions can be used to attract new and existing beetle down away from the hive and into the lower collection tray. If you do not wish to bait, feel free to fill with oil or other solutions to kill the beetle. This tray locks into position and is guided by rails so it maintains a constant firm seal to the underside of the entrance floor, this means no bees can enter the tray and no beetles can escape.
  4. In situations where a small hive beetle tries to head straight up into the hive – our system uses a false floor under the hive to frustrate their movement. This false floor plays on their inability to hover and fly in dark spaces. Because of the false floor, the beetle can’t simply enter the hive and is forced to seek refuge on the entrance floor. Once there, it will be harassed by guard bees and get filtered out straight into the collection tray!
  5. Finally, if by some kind of miracle, a beetle manages to make it up past all previous lines of defence. Don’t worry – your bees will be strong and ready, and they will quickly chase the beetle back down to the entrance floor where the process starts again!


Hiverly – helps defend against robbing and predatory attack

All hives are prone to robbing and attack from not only other bees but also other predatory insects or animals such as field mice, japanese wasps and yellow jackets. In order to help defend your hive against invasion, the system uses a combination of features to deter predators:

  1. Your first line of defence is fairly traditional as the system comes with enough reducers and blanks so you can limit access to the hive as threats increase.
  2. The second unique feature is the false floor on the top of the unit. When the hive is threatened, they will generally plug the main entrance in an attempt to hive stop invading parties. The false floor is slotted in such a way that it looks like a reduced entrance and provides opportunity for the bees to plug the floor to stop the predator from entering the hive.

  3. The third feature allows you to fix a light gauge grid mesh to the solid face of the false floor. Once installed this will prevent larger predators like field mice from moving up into the brood and honey boxes where, once inside, they will destroy your colony. For extra protection, you can apply mesh to each side of the false floor.


Hiverly – dramatically increases hive hygiene

Hygiene in a hive is important, the bees are good naturally, but we’ve allowed them to make it better:

  • The perforated floor allows the cleaner bees to discard capping and bee waste with ease. Traditionally, the cleaner bees would have to breakdown and haul waste out to the front of the hive where it gets disposed of. This generally blocks the entrance and interrupts the foragers. However, because of the frequency of perforations and their convenient location on the floor, your bees choose to throw all waste directly down and into the collection tray where it is securely held ready for your inspection and disposal.


Hiverly – gives you full control of hive ventilation

Proper ventilation is extremely important in a hive and we’ve made it better:

  • The Baseboard has interchangeable sides – meaning all four sides can be changed between being completely open, reduced or blanked. This is extremely beneficial when it comes to setting up your hive to varying degrees of ventilation. Once you have decided which side will be your entrance, you can take the remaining reducers and apply a light mesh to convert them into ventilation slits! When you don’t want it vented, simply change it over to a blank.


Hiverly – helps eliminate the build up of burr comb

Burr comb can be an absolute nuisance within hives and make inspections difficult:

  • Bees will naturally try to build comb in any available within the hive and to the annoyance of all beekeepers this usually occurs between boxes, lids and bases; making it extra difficult to work a hive. To help manage this, we have created a Burr Comb Guard (integrated into the Baseboard as a false floor). This guard, sits between boxes and limits the gap between frames to help stop the building of comb. The guard also ensures airflow and the colony’s movements remain unimpeded.


Hiverly – offers universal hive sizing and unique serial numbering

Did you know that no hive size is equal and it simply doesn’t matter if you run a ‘standard 8 frame’. This variation is due to the varying country standards, timber sizes and measurement conventions. The end result is a ‘standard size’ that will be vastly different depending on your geographical location. With any Hiverly system, that doesn’t matter – because we offer completely custom sizing.

  • We manage the design and manufacture in house, this means we adjust our design to suit your hive… not the other way around! Simply tell us the overall dimensions of the box or floor we are fitting, and we will adjust the design to suit – it really is that easy, it doesn’t matter if it’s a top bar, langstroth, flow or warre hive. Hiverly truly is universal.
  • Your setup can even be altered to fit pallets, we can easily make custom setups; in doubles, series or groups of four. It really doesn’t matter – just let us know ahead of time how your operation works and we can advise you how to set up your Baseboard.
  • Once we understand your setup and we’ve made your base don’t worry, every base is assigned a unique serial number. This allows us to identify your unit and easily make additional units on request – we also offer spare parts at significantly reduced cost, that way you don’t have to buy an entirely new unit.


Hiverly – is completely modular and can be set up in any configuration

Our system is completely modular, comes fully assembled but is also available in flatpack:

  • Our system is delivered to you fully assembled. However, if you do like to tinker we can send it to you flatpack so you can put it together by following our assembly guide using basic hand tools.
  • Our system allows the beekeeper to decide which side will become the entrance and where the inspection tray will be accessed. During assembly, simply configure the parts to set up the inspection tray from any side. Following assembly, simply release the flexi latches open, reduce or blank any entrance on any side – this can even be done when the hive is on top!
  • Finally, after your unit has been in the field for an extended period – you can choose to bring your base in for maintenance and upkeep. Simply follow the assembly guides in reverse order, clean, replace parts or change the configuration. It’s simple and easy!


Hiverly – ensures sustainability is at the core of what we do

We place huge emphasis on being sustainable and are always looking for new ways to be zero impact:

  • Our timber supports sustainable forest management in Australia and around the world. All timbers must meet, or be equivalent to, the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS/01-31-24) and come from managed sources certified under the PEFC (PEFC/21-31-24) forest certification scheme.
  • Our plastics and metal components and can be recycled at any reputable disposal centre. We are currently working toward creating a credit scheme that allows customers to send back old parts and have them reconstituted into new parts.


Hiverly – focuses on protection over profit

Bees need protection and we believe hive protection should accessible to everyone. Our goal is to ensure all hives are protected – not just those that can afford it. Because of this, we spend an extraordinary amount of time on research and development in order to bring you equipment loaded with features. Ultimately this ensures our product is more affordable than traditional beekeeping equipment. 


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