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The Hiverly Baseboard is the worlds only universally sized, modular hive entry system that users report significant production increases from 35% to 65% per hive. The higher yields are often linked to the superior features of the system.

A Single Solution To Eliminate:
Small Hive Beetle

The Hiverly Baseboard employs a unique diversionary design that ensures Small Hive Beetle are diverted straight out of the hive to become completely trapped in a collection tray where they can then be externally removed without having to suit up!

Our method clears Small Hive Beetles and stops their destructive efforts which allows the hive to strengthen, then operate more efficiently and unimpeded for longer duration’s. [read more]

This video shows the number of beetles collected after only 30 mins.
To prevent any accidental harm to the bees – our customer chose to use no oil, poisons or diatomaceous earth (DE).

Defend Against Robbing and Predatory Attack

All hives are prone to robbing and attack from not only other bees but also other predatory insects or animals such as field mice, japanese wasps and yellow jackets. In order to help defend your hive against invasion, the system uses a combination of features to deter predators. [read more]

Ventilation Control.

Moisture attracts pests and disease. This is why the Baseboard has been designed similar to a traditional vented bottom board but allows any unused sides to be converted into side ventilation slots. This combination gives the beekeeper complete ventilation control over their hive. [read more]

Increase Hive Efficiency.

The system allows hive waste to be disposed of almost immediately from the hive when it hits the Baseboard, this means, the hive spends less time cleaning and keeping entrances clear and more time guarding and foraging resulting in a more efficient colony. [read more]

Lower Hive Disturbance.

Hive activity can be checked by removing the externally accessible inspection tray. The tray is a completely sealed unit accessible from outside the hive and can house baiting or oil solutions to entice then trap pests or collect hive waste. [read more]

Strengthen + Protect.

The Hiverly Baseboard is designed to be passive and ‘left alone’. This means that you regain confidence knowing if you leave your hive for extended periods it is protected against Small Hive Beetle, robbing and predators even when you aren’t there. [read more]

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Custom Unit Sizing.

All beehives, regardless of how ‘standard’ they are come in different variants and sizes. Our system comes ‘standard’ but we also make to order and manufacture to fit. This means, our in-house designers can take your dimensions and manufacture the system to fit seamlessly with your hives – not the other way around! [read more]

Fully Modular System.

The Baseboard is a completely modular – universally designed system. This allows beekeepers of any skill level to assemble the entire system like a traditional piece of beekeeping equipment. Then, when its time to maintain your hive equipment the system can be pulled apart to allow upkeep and servicing. [read more]

Multiple Configurations.

Hiverly comes with enough spare components to allow the hive to be setup to a variety of entrance configurations. It doesn’t matter if you use front, back, side, duel or even full entrance types – simply add a blank or reducer to the hive or remove any side as required, you won’t even need to suit up to make adjustments. [read more]

Commercial + Hobbyists.

At Hiverly – we have a global vision of making hive protection accessible to everyone. This is why our system has been designed with both commercial and hobby beekeepers in mind. Our system fits on all hive types. Stand alone, series, groups or honey pallets. Just add cleats or any trims as you need to fit your setup! [read more]

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What are our customers saying.

Mathew O’Donnell
Victorian Honey Supplies
Victoria, Australia

For the past few months we have been working with Jake and the team at Hiverly, testing their Small Hive Beetle control product.

This base has been a real game changer for the hive that we have been testing it on, as it has had zero hive beetle in it, improved brood and honey production and is hands down the best hive in our load of bees.

We have been that impressed we have ordered more bases to start adding them onto our other hives, check them out, you won’t regret it.

Zac Narker
New South Wales, Australia

I’m beginner beekeeper and I have heard about the big problem of slimed hives in my area so I decided to try hiverly out.

Surprise, lots of small hive beetles trapped in the base and its definitely doing its job!

I recommend for newbies or people who struggle with small hive beetles!

Thanks for such good ongoing customer support too.

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Willow Hankinson
Mullumbimbees Natural Beekeeping
New South Wales, Australia

Hive beetle are a real problem here in the Northern Rivers of NSW. Many of our beekeeping group members have lost hives due to them and a chemical free approach is the only option for a sustainable future, given to sensitivity of honeybees to pesticides in their environment.

I almost exclusively run Kenyan top bar hives and many hive beetle traps and treatments don’t fit in them as there’s no space between the frames. The Hiverly base can be custom made to fit any hive and the trial for me has been a huge success.

I chose the worst of my colonies to trial the base on. I sighted about fifty beetle in the hive before fitting the base. The next day there were eight… The next day NONE.

I make and sell Kenyan hives and I will definitely incorporate and recommend the use of the Hiverly base into all my hives.

Bec Field
Victoria, Australia

I trialled a Hiverly base and had to pick which hive out of 7 to put it on, all except one hive was going great!

One hive had a huge moisture problem over winter and had a really slow start to spring, it was only one deep. The hive had heaps of beetles and wax moth, and was really struggling to recover, so put the Hiverly Base on this hive to really see what it could do!

Well, what a pleasant surprise, this hive took off and was booming within a short time. No more visible beetles in the hive, beetles dead in the trap…. it caught me by surprise how well they recovered and needed an extra brood box in a week, and then a honey super 4 weeks after adding the Hiverly Base!

I’m so impressed with the results and definitely recommend giving it a go!

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